Created in 2017 upon the initiative of programme Solidarité-Eau, LEWAP is a platform for information, exchanges, and sharing experiences between the actors of water and sanitation sector in Lebanon.


The objectives of the platform
  • Collect, process, spread information about water and sanitation in Lebanon;
  • Support international cooperation initiatives;
  • Facilitate multi-actors exchanges on key themes of the sector.
An open public network

LEWAP is accessible to all actors involved in the water and sanitation sector in Lebanon: public institutions, local authorities, international organisations, local and international NGOs, training centers, consultancy firms, civil society organisations, and actors’ networks.

LEWAP Activities

Workshops and Working Groups 

LEWAP organizes thematic meetings in order to promote experience-sharing and to strenghten the coordination between water actors in Lebanon. Coordination meetings and technical visits are organized accordingly in France and Lebanon.

Conferences and Trainings

LEWAP organizes and facilitates conferences on key issues in the water sector reflected in quarterly LEWAP Tuesday. These conferences are organized in partnership with academics in Lebanon. LEWAP facilitates training sessions in order to reinforce the learning and sharing processes.


Support to International Cooperation

LEWAP intervenes to support local water actors during different phases of their projects upon their demand. LEWAP can also help in conducting project capitalisation.