Promoting access to information

In order to ensure the consistency of projects, LEWAP works on identifying and mapping the projects implemented in Lebanon (atlas of projects).

Many local and international actors are involved in the water and sanitation sector in Lebanon. In order to promote the identification and linking of these actors, LEWAP maintains a directory of actors in the sector (directory).

  • There is a multitude and diversity of documents relating to the water and sanitation sector in Lebanon. The scattered nature of this information makes it difficult to be accessed by the actors of the sector. LEWAP, the first documentary database for the water sector in Lebanon, ensures the inventory and online availability of the documents produced. These documents are available in English, Arabic and French, with free access (documents).

A bimonthly newsletter is disseminated to the thousand actors listed in the database. This newsletter covers institutional news from the sector, new projects, latest publications, and latest and upcoming meetings. Available in three languages, this tool is open to anyone wishing to contribute to the dissemination of information (newsletters).

Working papers on key themes and issues of the sector are carried out by LEWAP. These thematic working papers are the result of bibliographical research and knowledge exchange with actors in the sector (thematic working papers).