Workshops and working groups

In Lebanon, there is a large number of actors in the water and sanitation sector. These actors rarely have the opportunity to share their experiences.

The LEWAP platform organizes thematic meetings in order to promote experience-sharing and to strenghten the coordination between the actors. For that purpose, meetings and technical visits are organised in France and Lebanon.

Some thematics have been identified as essential by the actors of the sector. In order to discuss in detail these thematics, working groups are organized. They bring together various actors whose expertise permit to draw concrete avenues for work.

The ideas discussed in those working groups are shared during exchange meetings and can be spread through specific documents.

Minutes of  the workshops

  • Impact of climate change on water and wastewater services in Lebanon (Lyon 16.11.2018). Download the minutes.
  • Sanitation workshop and exchange of experiences between French and Lebanese local authorities (Beirut 30.10.2018). Download the minutes.
  • Water and sanitation services in Lebanon (Lyon 04.04.2018). Download the minutes.
  • Wastewater treatment of small and medium-sized communities (Beirut 08.02.2018). Download the presentation and the minutes.
  • Support Lebanese municipalities in defining their needs and designing solutions for wastewater treatment (Paris 06.12.2016). Download the presentations and minutes (French).
  • The influx of refugees from Syria and its consequences on the access to water and sanitation in Lebanon (Paris 14.12.2018). Download the minutes (French).

Minutes of working groupsThe localization of international aid in the water and sanitation sector in Lebanon (concept note)